Data Management

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Electronic Source Documents  

Clinical InSite enables you to capture scanned or faxed copies of source documents, which are converted to image files that can be managed as electronic data. Documents become centralized, and available for remote review from any Internet-enabled device. Clinical InSite is the perfect complement to EDC in multi center trials because it allows remote source document verification.

Electronic Case Report Forms

Simple, easy-to-use, electronic case report forms are provided using industry leading systems. We are able to implement a variety of EDC systems depending upon your study needs. We commonly integrate Medrio EDC systems, providing a low-cost and efficient solution for early phase studies.

Paper Case Report Forms

Traditional paper case report forms are available in a variety of languages, and may be implemented in any study.

Medical Coding

Clinilabs utilizes traditional medical coding systems:

  • MedDRA
  • WHODrug

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