Patient Testimonials

Femi has participated in many clinical trials at Clinilabs over the past few years, because he enjoys being a part of the Clinilabs culture, and making a difference. “Whatever medicine Clinilabs gives me that helps and benefits somebody else is awesome, because then that means I’m contributing to the solution.”

If you are inspired by Femi’s or any of our other participants’ stories and would like to learn more about participating, please call or email us today at (212) 994-4567 or email us at participate@clinilabs.com.

Employee Interviews

“When there are real world problems, we like to provide real world solutions to helping to get that product to market so that it can reach people who do need it”. Here more about Erica’s journey on becoming a Clinical Pharmacy Manager.

Investigators in Action

Please join us in viewing below the “Investigators in Action” video series as we acknowledge the contributions of research sites to critical developments in CNS research. These interviews highlight their work and partnership with Clinilabs, the contributions they have made to the clinical trials industry, how they are navigating through Covid-19, and more.