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Technology Solutions

Clinvia™ – Secure Electronic Data Transfer

Clinvia integrates seamlessly into user environments, enabling the movement of sensitive data with a simple, intuitive application. Users identify and select files much in the same way they usually select email attachments. One or more files may be selected for transfer at the same time, and users may opt to send files immediately or at a later, scheduled time. Once the process is initiated, files are encrypted at the user end, transmitted through a secure pipe, and decrypted in our core data center. The application is designed to provide secure, compliant, file transfers that ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

Users (and sponsors) are able to access information regarding file labels, file transfer time, transfer duration, and the time that transfer is complete. The system also allows users to be queried regarding file data specifics.

Clinical InSite™ – Electronic Document Management Tool

Clinical InSite is an electronic document and data management tool that holds clinical trial information in a validated, audit-trailed environment. The system allows multiple users to collaborate by posting, viewing, and editing electronic document and data files of any kind. It is ideal for the management of clinical trial documents such as protocols, protocol amendments, study communications, regulatory documents, and a host of other files associated with a clinical trial.  The system also allows the secure transfer, management, and vault storage of data files, including large files.

File sharing is controlled through permission-based access. Audit trails continuously record user identity, edits, content, and timestamps for all document or data files that are posted or changed.

  • Improve the speed and ease with which clinical trial files are handled
  • Streamline information exchange, and reduce the administrative costs associated with file management in a clinical trial
  • Impose filing conventions for clinical trial information, so that all files are maintained in a standardized way. Never lose another document again!
  • Obtain data and metadata reports
  • Facilitate remote monitoring of clinical trial documents collected at investigator sites.

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