Limited Recreational Drug Users

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Location/s: New York City, NY
Age Range: 18 - 55 years of age
Gender: Male, Female
Stipend: Qualified participants may be eligible to receive compensation for time and travel.

Study Schedule:

Please call for additional information regarding the study schedule at 212-994-4567.

Clinilabs in Manhattan is currently enrolling participants who are limited recreational users of sedative/depressants(s) who are otherwise healthy.

To qualify, participants must meet the following criteria (Additional Criteria Apply):

* Be a man or women between the ages of 18-55

* Have not used an experimental drug or medical device within one month

* Be a current, recreational, not physically dependent user of alcohol

* Must be otherwise healthy based on a physical examination

* Be a current, recreational, not physically dependent user of multiple sedative/depressants at least 10 times in their lifetime and once within the past year

* Not be a heavy smoker


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Participate In This Study

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