Wrist worn device to measure blood pressure (Healthy Adults)

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Location/s: Eatontown, NJ
Age Range: 18-80
Gender: Male, Female
Stipend: $910 Including Travel

Study Schedule:

1 or 2 visits for a total of up to 5 hours

We are seeking generally healthy people to participate in our study. Participants are not required to have high blood pressure.

There is no cost to participate. Those who qualify will receive up to $910 for time and participation including reimbursement for travel. We encourage you to review the participation requirements listed below.

Qualified participants must be:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 80 years old
  • Be able and willing to:
    • Complete 1-2  visits at our Eatontown, New Jersey research center that will last up to 5 hours
    • Complete a follow up phone call within 5 days of the procedure visit
    • Have an intra-arterial blood pressure line (A-Line) placed in the arm by a study physician (blood pressure monitored using a thin, flexible tube that is placed into an artery in your arm)
    • Wear an investigational wristband device, used to measure blood pressure
    • Wear sensors on your torso and finger for 2 lead ECG measurements and pulse oximetry
    • Sit and stand for 1-hour periods
    • Able to complete 4-10 cycles of a leg press isometric hold exercise (up to 5 minutes each)
    • For more information visit: www.clinilabs.com/myvitalsstudy

Participants may receive compensation up to $910 for time and participation, including travel reimbursement.

  • $75 – Initial screening visit
  • $625 – Arterial line placement and associated procedures (If an A-Line has been attempted, but was not successful, you will still be paid for the Study Visit)
  • $50 – Follow up phone call
  • $80 – Roundtrip travel visit reimbursement with receipts (up to $160 total for 2 roundtrip visits)

Prescreen at www.myvitalsstudy.com today!

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