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Clinilabs is currently recruiting volunteers for a wide variety of studies.

List of Current & Upcoming Clinical Research Studies:

Your safety is important to us!  Clinilabs is screening individuals for research studies and remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are taking extra precautions to keep our staff and research volunteers safe, including staggered screening appointments, face coverings, health questionnaires, and extra cleaning procedures.  If you have any questions about our safety procedures during this time, please contact our recruiters at (212) 994-4567.

Studies may open and close at any time so check back regularly for updates!

Stipend amounts listed below are for time & travel and are based on the completion of all study visits and requirements. You may receive less. Figures are expressed in US dollars. Please note that additional criteria apply for each research study and you may not qualify for the study that you would prefer. While our team will do our best to fit you into your preferred study, you may not qualify but will be considered for other available studies.

Current Studies Location/s Age Range Gender Stipend Details

Depression Psychedelic Study Eatontown, NJ 21-65 Male, Female $3,775 plus travel Details
Friedreich’s Ataxia Eatontown, NJ 18 and older Male, Female $7,750 for participants and $6,000 for caregivers Details
Friedreich’s Ataxia Eatontown, NJ 18-55 Male, Female $3,850 for participants and $2,700 for caregivers Details
Healthy Adult Sleep Study Eatontown, NJ, New York City, NY 18-50 Male, Female $1,950 Total + up to $240 for travel Details
Healthy Volunteer Study (7 day Inpatient) Eatontown, NJ 18-50 Male, Female $2,550 plus travel reimbursement Details
Heart Failure Eatontown, NJ 18-80 Male, Female Up to $5,035 Details
Major Depressive Disorder in Adults Eatontown, NJ, New York City, NY 18-65 Male, Female $150 per visit + travel Details
Non-Invasive Wrist Worn Device to Measure Blood Pressure New York City, NY 18+ Male, Female $860 Including Travel Details
Wrist Worn Device (Healthy Adults) Eatontown, NJ 18 and older Male, Female Up to $3,175 Details

Clinilabs continually screens subjects for a number of study types, including Alzheimer’s research studies, Diabetes clinical trials, epilepsy studies, infectious diseases, kidney disease, pain, Parkinson’s disease, paid depression studies, sleep disorders, Japanese and Chinese descent, and drug addictions.  If you are interested in participating and want to learn more about our potential upcoming studies, please contact us today.

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