Epilepsy Monitoring Unit


Electroencephalogram EEGClinilabs Drug Development Corporation is pleased to announce that it has established a 4-bed epilepsy monitoring unit at its New York City facility.   The facility, which boasts a 50-bed inpatient capacity for clinical studies, offers sponsors and subjects four comfortable, private rooms for video EEG monitoring. Each room is equipped with premium bedding, with beds made by Select Comfort, and adequate sitting and work space.   New installations of instrumentation provided by Philips Respironics enable the recording of routine diagnosticEEGsese, as well as 24-hour monitoring.

According to Ms. Eileen McCauley, the chief operating officer at the company, “the physical facilities we have developed our only one component of the capability we provide. The most important aspects of our services relate to the experienced staff that we employ to handle epilepsy and seizure safety studies.”   The New York City facility operates 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and is staffed around the clock with skilled nurses and technicians. All clinical staff members are ACLS or BCLS certified, as their credentials allow.   There is, as expected, and emphasis on subject safety.   Ms. McAuley goes on to say that “our track record handling single center and multicenter epilepsy and seizure safety studies is unparalleled in the industry. We work collaboratively with leading epileptologists in order to enroll appropriate patients and get studies done smoothly.”