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Medical Writing

Clinilabs Drug Development Corporation employs veteran medical writers with advanced degrees and diverse therapeutic area experience. Writing assignments are given to writers who are subject matter experts. Writers work closely with clients to ensure that documents meet expectations. From project inception to the delivery of the final clinical study report, our team provides exceptional medical, technical, and regulatory writing services. Writers work with our own templates or yours to create the documents needed for any clinical trial. We have experience in the production of the following documents:

  • Clinical study synopses

  • Clinical study protocols

  • Protocol amendments

  • Investigator brochures

  • Clinical study reports

  • Informed consent forms

  • Clinical study report verification

  • Case report forms

  • Patient information sheets

  • Study Newsletters

Remember the Three Princes of Serendip who went out looking for treasure? They didn’t find what they were looking for, but they kept finding things just as valuable. That’s serendipity, and our business [drugs] is full of it.

– George W. Merck